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GAI Insights Launches Inaugural Generative AI Conference


A two-day conference focusing on turning today’s enterprise case study learnings and new innovations into business strategies 


Cambridge, Mass., June 29, 2023 -- GAI Insights, an analyst and advisory firm devoted to helping enterprises deploy Generative AI (GAI) with high ROI, today announced it will host its inaugural AI event, Generative AI World Conference. The in-person event will bring together pioneers, experts, and innovators alike to discuss how GAI is and can be implemented across various business landscapes. Further, this conference serves as a commitment from GAI Insights to empower organizations through the transformative exploration and strategic adoption of GAI, and will take place in Boston, MA from September 12-13, 2023.    

“The explosive value-creation opportunity of Generative AI is best understood through real-world, corporate use cases,” said Paul Baier, co-founder and CEO of GAI Insights. “Gathering leading innovators and pioneers offers invaluable opportunities to learn from their wealth of experience and recognize their achievements.”

At the Generative AI World Conference, attendees can explore the limitless potential and power of GAI alongside renowned experts and visionary executives who will discuss transformative GAI use cases, confront deployment challenges, and clarify IP complexities. This unique occasion offers a platform to learn strategic project prioritization and best practices from industry leaders.

Speakers include distinguished leaders and innovators from AI, business, and medicine including:

  • Shikhar Ghosh, Professor, Harvard Business School

  • Dr. Thomas Kingsley, Mayo Clinic

  • Ian Robertson, Partner, American Securities

  • Al Silvestri, Chief Creative Officer, Coffee Labs

  • Pieter Schouten, Chief Innovation Officer, Ensemble Health Partners

  • David Edelman, Harvard Business School 

  • John Spottiswood, COO, Jerry

  • Dan Elton, AI/Data Scientist, Mass General Brigham

  • Chris Bortlik, Architect, Microsoft

  • Conor Grennan, Dean of Students, NYU

  • José Pedro Almeida, one of World Top 70 Health AI Brains

To join some of the most thought-provoking, innovative conversations around GAI, join the Generative AI World Conference at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge from September 12-13, 2023.  More information at

About GAI Insights
At the forefront of AI’s evolution, GAI Insights (formerly ChatGPTnuggets) leverages its unique expertise as an advisory and analyst firm to empower organizations in achieving remarkable ROI through the strategic adoption of Generative AI technologies, including ChatGPT. Its reputation is founded on key industry firsts: establishing the largest ChatGPT Meetup group in the US, curating the first-ever list of 15 vetted high-impact ChatGPT use cases, and delivering transformative generative AI workshops to a broad range of stakeholders - from investors to corporate entities and organizations. Our insightful GAI Insights (ChatGPT Nuggets) email newsletter, now a trusted resource for technologists, corporate leaders, and investors alike, exemplifies our commitment to deliver actionable insights that propel innovation and business growth.    




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