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'Law of Computability' Powers the Bionic Era

'Law of Computability' Powers the Bionic Era

Generative AI adds new capabilities to symbolic work – thinking, perceiving and judging, blending with the advances of the industrial era in a dynamic and powerful way. This bionic era changes the nature of economic returns and the very forms of capital that underpin our economy.

Analyze Spreadsheets with ChatGPT

Analyze YOUR spreadsheet with ChatGPT

The ChatGPT "Code Interpreter" feature to analyze spreadsheets allows users to use the power of ChatGPT to "have a conversation" with their own data (structured and unstructured). EVERY analyst in the world needs to learn this.

Custom GPT helps build Chatbot

Case Study: Non-Technical Business Leader Builds own Chatbot using ChatGPT (through Custom GPT)

A non-profit professional built a public-facing chatbot using CustomGPT to share information with organizations in the non-profit world. By training the AI on a library of resources, including PDFs and high-quality websites, the chatbot improved its responses. The chatbot's best feature is that it provides sources for the answers it generates, allowing users to verify the information.

Invest 5 Hours in using GAI

Each Executive Needs to Invest 5 Hours Personally Using Generative AI

By having a rudimentary skill with Generative AI and experiencing 3 “wow” moments with use cases for which one is personally familiar, executives will be better able to guide GenAI investment decisions.

Executive Education Bootcamp in Generative AI, September 12-13, 2023

GAI Insights Launches Inaugural Generative AI Conference

Generative AI World Conference will bring together pioneers, experts, and innovators alike to discuss how GAI is and can be implemented across various business landscapes and will take place in Boston, MA from September 12-13, 2023.

Some of GAI World's Speakers

GAI Insights Reveals Extensive Speaker Lineup and Case Studies for GAI World Conference

This executive education bootcamp presents real-life use cases and fosters participant engagement to assist C-Suite execs in understanding and addressing today’s GAI challenges and opportunities

GAI Glossary

Generative AI Glossary

Get up to speed on all the Generative AI terms you need to know and use. Your business depends on it.

Midjourney prompt: Realistic photo of crowded tech conference floor

Generative AI World is one of "the top tech events you need to know about"

TechRadar Pro has curated a list of the most important international technology events and conferences coming this year.
(photo by Midjourney, prompt: Realistic photo of crowded tech conference floor)

AI in Healthcare with José Pedro Almeida

How AI Can Improve Healthcare

José Pedro Almeida gives a peek into his session at GAI World on September 12-13.

John Spottiswood of Jerry on LLMs and Customer Satisfaction

How LLM Revolutionizes Customer Service

John Spottiswood gives a sneak peek of his session on how LLM is driving customer satisfaction-- presenting at GAI World on September 12-13.

Get started in 5 minutes

How to Get Started with ChatGPT in Two Minutes for Non-Technical Folks

What is ChatGPT and how do I get started using it? The world has 4.9 billion people accessing the internet, and each of them can easily use ChatGPT. This short article walks you through the basics, in non-technical terms.

David Edelman on Generative AI World

Marketing Ops Will Never be the Same

David Edelman gives a sneak preview of his Generative AI World session.

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