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Each Executive Needs to Invest 5 Hours Personally Using Generative AI

As the world moves from vague awareness of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT to truly understanding its business benefits, executives simply must have some hands-on experience.

An executive would never hire someone who had never used the internet and experienced how one computer easily accesses information from another computer. Likewise, reading an article or watching a YouTube video are simply not sufficient to understand the transformative power of Generative AI.

The software development, film production, professional services and education industries now face a tsunami of competitive disruption. By having a rudimentary skill with Generative AI and experiencing 3 “wow” moments with use cases for which one is personally familiar, each executive will be better to guide GenAI investment decisions.

We recommend

  1. Commit to 5 hours over the next 5 weeks. Yes that much. Put it in your calendar - 1 hour a week and 1 extra hour. Spaced hand-on use of Generative AI is important (we use a learn-do-teach model in our Generative AI training which goes over 3 sessions, spaced a week apart)

  2. Start with ChatGPT (free version is fine) and DALL E-2 for (text to image). Don’t watch videos. Actually put fingers on keyboard (here is our basic, get started guide but you can find many on the internet)

  3. Identify two use cases that you are personally familiar with (e.g. reading quarterly transcriptions of competitors or creating fun, original jokes and stories for kids or grandkids). Experiment. Try different prompts. Share what you learned with two people (family member, work colleague, friends, etc.).

Major transformation is fully upon us. Hands-on familiarity will help you navigate. The ROI on time is large.


We have lots of excitement about our inaugural, in-person conference in Boston called Generative AI World Sep 12-13. We just hired a PR firm and have a great set of confirmed speakers. Here are three:

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