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Question #5. Should We Build or Buy for Our GenAI/LLMs Projects?

Build vs buy - the perennial question with new emerging technology

A question we get all the time from executives is: Should I build my own LLMs model to better control risk, hallucinations/errors and use to use our own data? As mentioned previously, we believe that you personally and your team first must have some hands-on experience, especially with low cost, zero risk projects, to learn and make better investment decisions.

We are generally seeing a combination of initial trial with external tools and then a gradual migration of building out internal capability to keep sensitive data and know-how within the corporation. The lawsuits about illegal use of training data are piling up against OpenAI, Stability AI and others and is accelerating the adoption of the build option.

One important consideration is the imperative to employ, and not outsource, AI talent for GenAI-based applications that make a competitive difference (e.g. law and accounting firms).

Many different types of entrants from vertically focused LLMs like Bloomberg’s GPT and functionally focused ones like Jasper are appearing. The future will be murky and there’s no easy answer to this one… but we’re going to do our best to help you make sense of it all. Others have written well about the trade-offs (CIO Magazine, TechTarget, and MJ Petroni)

Need to know more?

Here are a few of the sessions designed to help you tackle this critical question at Generative AI World conference:

  • Paul Baier, co-Founder of GAI Insights, and Steve Derezinski, GAI Insights Senior Technologist, will highlight their findings from our corporate buyers guide to Large Language Models.

  • Scott Likens, Technology Leader at PwC and Andy Roberts, AI architect at Microsoft, will discuss the make/buy tradeoffs in this dynamic marketplace.

  • Over 20 case studies will have various tech Execs discussing how they made the choice between building their own solution and buying one.

By the end of our sessions, you will have a better sense of the current structure of the provider market, how the different players are serving this market, what types of firms have invested for internal capability and how you can make the make/buy tradeoff for your organization.

This is the 5th segment in our series of common questions executives ask about GenAI. The first 4 are:

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