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GAI Insights Reveals Extensive Speaker Lineup and Case Studies for GAI World Conference

This executive education bootcamp presents real-life use cases and fosters participant engagement to assist C-Suite execs in understanding and addressing today’s GAI challenges and opportunities 


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – July 28, 2023 – Today, GAI Insights, an advisory and analyst firm aimed at empowering organizations to achieve remarkable ROI through the strategic adoption of generative AI technologies, announced their extensive speaker lineup for GAI World Conference. Taking place from September 12-13 in Boston, MA, the two-day, Generative AI (GAI) bootcamp for senior executives, board members, investors and owners will headline experts to discuss immediate operational change and long-term strategic case studies leveraging GAI. 

Paul Baier, CEO and Co-Founder of GAI Insights, Jimmy Hexter, Co-Founder of GAI Insights and Professor of the Practice at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, Dr. John Sviokla, Co-founder of GAI Insights and former Harvard Business School professor, and Liz Vanzura, Co-founder of GAI Insights will facilitate and moderate conversations around enterprise GAI case studies, celebrate early adopters and answer the following questions:


  • What is Generative AI (GAI) and is it real for business?

  • How urgent is it for me and my firm (or my investments) to understand GAI now?

  • What are the costs and risks of GAI?

  • Where do I begin using GAI most effectively?

  • Should I build or buy my GAI efforts?

  • How should I organize to grow and scale my GAI capabilities?

  • How do I keep my talent and knowledge flow current for competitive advantage using GAI?


Additional speakers from leading, global corporations will take a deep dive into project and technology selection, ROI calculation, team organization structure, and data and IP approaches, while revealing their lessons learned from their very own organizational uses. Sessions include:

  • Harvard Business School, Shikhar Ghosh, Professor: How leading companies can and will use Gen AI to drive profitable growth and create sustainable competitive differentiation

  • Mayo Clinic, Dr. Thomas Kingsley, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Informatics: LLMs in action at world leading organizations - how the Mayo Clinic uses LLMs to improve clinical trials

  • Microsoft, Andy Roberts, Data Platform and AI Architect: Four approaches large enterprises are taking with enterprise LLMs

  • Flybridge Capital Partners, Chip Hazard, General Partner: How Gen AI startups will reshape the future of technology and change the modern corporation forever

  • Jerry, a fintech disruptor, John Spottiswood, Chief Operating Officer: How we leveraged a LLM to revolutionize customer service and drive customer satisfaction

  • PwC, Joe Atkinson, Vice Chair, US Chief Products and Technology Officer: Gen AI investment trends and best practices from large companies

  • Narratize, the Gen AI coauthor for busy innovators, Katie Trauth Taylor, CEO: How an innovative Gen AI startup creates productivity breakthroughs in innovation 

  • Health AI expert who implemented AI in large provider organizations, José Pedro Almeida: How healthcare can be improved for the patient, doctors and nurses through creative uses of Gen AI

  • Coffee Labs, Al Silvestri, Chief Marketing Officer: Three Gen AI case studies that are transforming the creative process delivering unique, non-traditional marketing solutions for top brands across various categories

  • Harvard Business School, David Edelman, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration: Marketing will never be the same - how Gen AI is changing marketing, marketing firms, the marketing function and the job of the marketer


GAI World Conference also brings together a unique collection of the most senior leaders from world class commercial institutions including Harvard Business School, PwC, UBS and Boston University Questrom School of Business who are describing in detail what they’re doing and getting from GAI. 


“GAI World Conference will feature leading voices across business, technology and medicine to unpack the influence generative AI is having across industries, all based on their first-hand experiences,” said Paul Baier, Founder of GAI Insights. “This two-day bootcamp will immerse attendees in a classroom-like setting as they complete a crash course on generative AI, learning from early adopters of the evolving technology. This experience is unlike anything else.”


GAI Insights has also announced its collaboration with Boston University Questrom School of Business, their Digital Business Institute, and its Educational Partner for this conference.


For more information or to purchase tickets to Generative AI World Conference, taking place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge from September 12-13, 2023, visit:   


A complete list of speakers and session details to date can be found at:


Additional details on GAI Insights can be found at:


For media inquiries including tickets and onsite access to speakers, please contact: Elizabeth Hayes at


About GAI Insights
At the forefront of AI's evolution, GAI Insights (formerly ChatGPTnuggets) leverages its unique expertise as an advisory and analyst firm to empower organizations in achieving remarkable ROI through the strategic adoption of Generative AI technologies, including ChatGPT. Its reputation is founded on key industry firsts: establishing the largest ChatGPT Meetup group in the US, curating the first-ever list of 15 vetted high-impact ChatGPT use cases, and delivering transformative generative AI workshops to a broad range of stakeholders - from investors to corporate entities and organizations. The GAI Insights email newsletter, now a trusted resource for technologists, corporate leaders, and investors alike, exemplifies a commitment to deliver actionable insights that propel innovation and business growth.         

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