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Co-founder and Team Leader

A dynamic leader in the AI industry, Paul Baier has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation. Paul's wealth of knowledge and experience in software and venture capital positions him as a thought leader in the AI/ML space.

As the founder and principal of ChatGPT Nuggets, Paul has developed a platform dedicated to exploring the applications of AI, specifically the transformative technology of ChatGPT. ChatGPT Nuggets hosts the largest ChatGPT Meetup group in the US, where Paul leads weekly learning labs and delivers in-depth workshops to the community.

Before launching ChatGPT Nuggets, Paul served as the VP of Products at an AI company for five years, where he honed his AI expertise. This was a part of his expansive 20-year career in the software industry, during which he took on executive roles and co-founded four venture capital-backed firms.

His ChatGPT Nuggets email newsletter has gained traction among technologists, executives, and investors as a "must-read" source for AI insights. Paul has also run ChatGPT overviews and workshops for esteemed institutions, including Harvard Business School and MIT, and for corporate executives and investors in both private equity and venture capital.

In addition to his extensive experience, Paul holds a degree from Harvard Business School, cementing his business acumen, and a degree from Kenyon College. Paul's broad background, coupled with his specialized focus on generative AI, enables him to translate the potential of AI into practical, profitable business solutions.

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